Nice to meet you.

All day long I think about food. I would say that it is an obsession. My favorite place to be is the grocery store. I could easily spend hours there just looking at different products, thinking about how I could cook or bake with them. In my family, food was always at the center of everything. I hate to say it, but we are a family of foodies and I inherited my dad’s obsession with kitchen gadgets. I am the only one to go down the baking path. Maybe it is because I like the controlled chaos of it. Baking is a science, but a messy and delicious one. As someone living with Crohn's Disease, I would  spend a lot of time at home and on restricted diets; so, I baked to pass the time and create goodies I could eat. Baking became my creative outlet and a form of therapy and now I bake something every day. Yes, really, every day there is something coming out of my oven.

While I love the pretty, ornate desserts, they have never been what I love. The cakes and cookies that look like it took hours under a microscope and a pair of tweezers to put together just don’t do it for me. Food has always been so tied to emotion and memory and the fancy things don’t stir anything within me. However, give me the ultimate brownie, dressed up for my grownup tastebuds and I am in heaven. The simple, nostalgia of a brownie (like the one out of that red box, you know the one I am talking about) makes me melt.

My goal with Yes, Please is to make simple, classic treats but with a little bit of a twist and always with any dietary restrictions in mind. My sweet spot (pun intended) is in brownies, bars and bites, which also happen to be my favorite things to eat.

Why the name yes, Please?

Manners were very important in my house (including manners classes. yes, really). If my mom asked me if I could like something and I replied, "yeah," she would say, "it's never 'yeah.' It's 'yes, please.'" I don't really say 'yeah' anymore. Aside from manners, I have an unbelievable sweet tooth. Even when my doctors wanted me to give up sugar, I just could not do it. When I see something sweet, I cannot say anything but yes please to anything sweet. So what better name?

Little ole me.

Little ole me.